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Locksmith Utrecht

Opening, repairing and replacing any type of lock: it is the expertise of the qualified locksmiths at Locksmith Utrecht. Our professionals will help you quickly and competently with all locksmith services. From broken keys to new locks; our professionals will be on site at your location within 20 minutes.
Locksmith Utrecht

Emergency service

In many cases, you want an immediate solution for problems with your locks. By being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Locksmith Utrecht offers reliable emergency service. With this we are always at your service as soon as possible. Within 20 minutes our experienced locksmiths are at your place to open doors without damage or to replace locks professionally.


Open locks

The locksmiths of Locksmith Utrecht deliver quality. Because our locksmiths are qualified, we guarantee that we can open your door. Our locksmiths are on location within 20 minutes and work very meticulously. Because of this, your door will remain undamaged in most cases.


Replacing locks

There are several reasons to change your lock. For example, we recommend that you change your locks when they become damaged or obsolete. A lock is outdated when it does not open and lock easily anymore. In addition, we always recommend to change your locks when you have moved house. This way you can be sure that the previous occupants no longer have access to your home. Finally, we recommend changing the locks when you have lost your key.


break-in prevention

There are various methods of entering a house. Nowadays cylinder pulling is the most common method of breaking and entering. Cylinder pulling, or the key pull method, can be prevented by installing a key pull protection or security hardware with a cylinder pull protection. We can give you good advice about burglary prevention, deliver all kinds of hinges and locks and professionally install them.


Emergency closure

After a burglary, Locksmith Utrecht is there for you to repair the damage and install new locks where necessary. If the damage is very complex and a proper repair is not possible immediately, we will provide a so-called emergency lock so that you can still get through the night safely. The next morning, locksmith Utrecht can finally install new locks.


Maintenance contract

Go for maximum security with a maintenance contract. This will prevent problems with your locks and will significantly increase their lifespan. We make you an offer without engagement and give you free advice on the security of your premises.

Locksmith Vincent

Locksmith Utrecht specialises in opening and repairing locks and keys. We are active throughout Utrecht and encounter all kinds of situations: people who have locked themselves out, lost their keys or whose keys have been stolen. This can happen to anyone! Thanks to our 24/7 service we can always help people in need.

Locks expert

Locksmith Jeremy

Many people immediately think of a locksmith as opening locks when someone has locked themselves out. That is indeed one of our tasks, but we do much more! We give advice on burglary prevention, we maintain locks and we are even regularly asked for help. It is a varied and fun job.

Safety expert

Locksmith Patrick

No misunderstandings about the costs: Locksmith Utrecht always discusses the final price with you in advance. This way, you are assured of a reliable and licensed locksmith and we prevent unpleasant surprises afterwards. With these fair price agreements, we are fighting against malicious locksmiths who charge high costs to people in need after the job has been done.


The locksmith opens your door without damage

Contact us to open your locks, repair burglary damage or give burglary prevention advice.

The professional services of Locksmith Utrecht:

  • Prevention advice to prevent burglary
  • Fast service
  • Available day and nightr
  • Repair of burglary damage


    We offer our services at advantageous rates. We like to make things easy for you by carrying a pin device with us at all times. So you do not necessarily have to pay in cash, but you can also pay with a pin. Do you have any tips or advice on how we can improve our service even further? Let our expRepair of burglary damage
    erts know!

    Do you need one of our locksmiths? Please contact us at the telephone number below. We will be at your door within 20 minutes

Locksmith Utrecht

Burglar-proof locks

Unfortunately, thieves are always finding new ways to enter your home. The best prevention are locks with an SKG quality mark. This is a quality mark that your locks can earn, when it meets certain conditions. We also offer these locks. They are secured against cylinder pulling: a well-known burglary method. The SKG quality mark complies with:
  • Anti-torque protection
  • Cylinders ***
  • Multi-point locks
Locksmith Utrecht
Locksmith Utrecht

Lost your keys

Keys that have fallen out of your pocket while cycling or exercising, keys that you have dropped in the well, keys that you have accidentally left inside the house. Our locksmiths have seen all possibilities. With a bit of luck, a family member or an acquaintance might still have a copy of the key at home. We recommend that you find out where you lost your keys. If it was close to your home, you should change the locks to minimise the risk of a break-in.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Utrecht

My key is damaged. what now?

Be careful not to use it for too long. You must replace your key in time, otherwise it may damage the entire lock. In that case, you will be faced with higher costs and you will have to replace the entire lock.

My lock doesn't open smoothly?

Prevent your lock from drying out completely. Friction can damage the lock. Soften the lock with WD40, Vaseline or a damp dishcloth. See what works best for your door.

Do you damage my door when you open it?

Our experts have experience with various doors, locks and brands. Because of this, they cause less damage than if you try to open your lock yourself. In a number of cases, this opening can be done without any damage. Of course, we always keep the damage to a minimum.

How to make an appointment?

Contact us by phone and we will be at your door in no time. In almost all cases you need an expert immediately, so you do not need to make an appointment.

What does the SKG quality mark mean?

This quality mark was created to distinguish the types of locks and hinges on their degree of security. The *** cylinders have security against pinholes and these locks have a multi-point locking system: in fact three locks in one.

Is it possible to repair my lock instead of replacing it?

In some cases it is possible to repair the lock instead of replacing it. This depends on the severity of the damage to the lock. Our professional locksmiths can inspect your lock and advise you on the best solution.

Lars from Utrecht

The locksmith made sure that our yard is fully illuminated. Now we feel a lot safer. We have a much better view of visitors and our visitors also find the house easier.

Anton from Utrecht

I recommend such a multi-point locking system. My front door is completely locked these days. No one can come in!

David from Utrecht

My key was probably stolen from me while I was going out. Unfortunately, it also contained my bicycle key. So I called the locksmith at four in the morning... not expecting them to open up. But yes, there they were! Within 20 minutes!

Locksmith Utrecht

Work area locksmith Utrecht

We are at your service 24/7. When you need us, you can easily reach us at our phone number. There is no need to make an appointment in advance: we will come to you immediately.