Locksmith Utrecht

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Break-in prevention advice

There are various methods of entering a house. Nowadays cylinder pulling is the most common method of breaking and entering. Cylinder pulling, or the key pull method, can be prevented by installing a key pull protection or security hardware with a cylinder pull protection. We can give you good advice about burglary prevention, deliver all kinds of hinges and locks and professionally install them professionaly.

Make an appointment

After making an appointment, an advisor will visit you and check whether your house or company is properly secured. If this is not the case, he will indicate what the possibilities are. You will receive advice immediately and all tips will be sent in writing within 5 working days. Locksmith Utrecht works with locks, cylinders, security fittings with key pull protection and multi-point locks that all have the SKG quality mark and has various brands in stock.

Safety tips

A burglary can make you feel unsafe. That is why we give a few tips that you can apply to make it more difficult for burglars.
  • Make sure you have good locks and hinges
  • Do not share holiday plans on social media
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Do not store important keys in the main hallway of your home
  • Install an anti-intrusion strip
  • Install an outdoor light with a motion sensor in combination with a camera
For more security tips, contact our experienced technicians. We are available day and night for changing locks and opening doors.

Price quotation in advance

A burglary is very annoying. You have lost the feeling of trust in your home and, on top of that, there are the locksmith costs. Because the burglary is already annoying enough, we at Locksmith Expert give you a quotation in advance. That way, you don’t suddenly incur unexpected costs and you know where you stand. These prices are fixed and will not be changed. There is a good chance that the locksmith’s costs will be covered by your insurance. It is important that you report the burglary and keep this report together with the invoice. A condition often set by insurance companies is that the locks have to be changed 24 hours after the burglary.