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Prevent break-ins with core protection

Tapping is a popular method of breaking into doors with a cylinder. In fact, 90% of all break-ins involve core tapping. This is because this method of burglary is both quick and relatively silent.
By equipping your outside door with security features, you reduce the risk of burglary in real terms. For newly built houses, the government requires a cylinder with security pinch. Are all the external doors that give access to your home fitted with this security device? Then many insurance companies charge a lower premium.

Key pull protection prevents several methods of burglary

A cylinder with core protection protects your home against various burglary methods:
  • core pulling
  • Lockpicking
  • Use of a knock-out key
Does your door already have a cylinder? Then you can fit the existing cylinder with a security fitting with pinhole protection. This is a lot cheaper than a whole new cylinder with pin pull protection. Your lock is then only protected against core pulling and not against lockpicking or burglary with a knock key.

On the other hand, an anti-knockout hardware

is clearly recognisable. This means that burglars are unlikely to attempt a break-in. A key pull cylinder is not immediately recognisable, which means that the risk of a burglary attempt is much greater. Even though the burglar will not enter your house, your lock will be damaged. A locksmith then has to open and replace the lock. When choosing a security fitting you should consider the door thickness, the PC distance (the distance between the heart of the handle hole and the heart of the cylinder hole) and the cylinder length. Security hardware is available in many different sizes, shapes and styles, so there is a suitable keyhole guard for every home and every door.