Locksmith Utrecht

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Emergency service

Sometimes it is urgent: standing in front of your own closed door is never convenient. Just like a broken key. In such cases, call the locksmith as soon as possible. With the guarantee of 24/7 fast service, our experts will come to you immediately to help you out.

Emergency locksmith service

In many cases, you want an immediate solution for problems with your locks. By being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Locksmith Expert offers reliable emergency service. With this we are always at your service as soon as possible. Within 20 minutes our experienced locksmiths are at your place to open doors without damage or to replace locks professionally.


Pin payment emergency service

An emergency is always a situation for which you are not prepared. We understand that you do not always have cash on hand. That is why our locksmiths always have a portable cash machine with them. You can easily and safely pay with your debit card, right at your home or business premises.

Where to find the locksmith urgently

All our locations offer the same reliable emergency service: your locksmith is available 24 hours a day and is always on site within 20 minutes. With this guarantee, you won’t have to worry even in an emergency.

I have excluded myself

You leave home and close the door behind you… but your keys are still on the table. It can happen to anyone. A door that accidentally blows shut or forgetting the key in a hurry. Don’t panic, because our locksmith will be on your doorstep within 20 minutes to open the door again.