Locksmith Utrecht

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Replacing locks

If you want to change your locks, you can use the services of Locksmith Utrecht. When we replace locks, we only use locks with an SKG quality mark. You can choose for simple locks, but also locks with extra possibilities in the field of security are supplied by us.

When to change your lock

There are several reasons to change your lock. For example, we recommend that you change your locks when they become damaged or obsolete. A lock is outdated when it does not open and lock easily anymore. In addition, we always recommend to change your locks when you have moved house. This way you can be sure that the previous occupants no longer have access to your home. Finally, we recommend changing the locks when you have lost your key.

Emergency service

A break-in can make you feel unsafe. That is why we are there for you after a break-in to repair the damage and, if necessary, install new locks. We also check whether opening windows can be fitted with the latest locks. The more difficult you make it for a burglar, the smaller the chance that he will break into your house or continue the burglary attempt. We replace old locks with new ones with the SKG quality mark. Even when a burglary has been unsuccessful, it is wise to have your locks replaced so that they meet all security requirements again.

How do we change your lock?

Our locksmiths are qualified, so you have the guarantee that we will replace your lock without any problems. Our locksmiths are on site within 20 minutes, so you will not be locked out for long. First of all, we look at your current lock. What type of lock is this and do you want this type again? Then we start replacing the lock. This may mean that we only replace the cylinder or that we remove the entire lock. We do this very carefully, so that your door remains undamaged.

Open your lock yourself

We often see homeowners trying to change the locks themselves. If you are very handy, you can certainly try this. However, you run the risk of damaging your door and the new lock will no longer fit. Therefore it is better to call a locksmith immediately. Our professionals are qualified and certified. This means that they always know what they are doing and have the right tools with them. You don’t have to worry about damage or other unpleasant consequences.

Fixed tariffs

Our locksmiths work at very advantageous rates. We think it is important that you are not surprised by the locksmith fees. That is why we discuss the costs in advance. So you always know exactly where you stand when you call us. Because we are often called in emergencies and people nowadays hardly have any cash on them, our locksmiths always have a pin device with them. So you can easily pay without cash.